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ContentAgent NexGuard Civolution Workflow Guide

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ContentAgent NexGuard Civolution Workflow Guide


ContentAgent is a file based workflow management software application. The product provides a central hub from which to manage and automate all aspects of file-based workflow from ingest to delivery. Powerful resolution independent transcoding ensures that the files you have are easily transformed into the files you need to work on, and the subsequent deliverables.

Feature Set

  • Design and create workflows with intuitive graphical interface
  • Resolution independent transcoding, image processing and QC
  • Automated camera card based ingest including Avid workflows
  • CardAgent. Simplified Interface for multi-user ingest-intensive operations
  • Advanced frame rate conversion with Cinnafilm Tachyon
  • Automated broadcast deliverables including integration with leading QC products
  • Integration with WAN acceleration products
  • Enterprise Scaling
  • Local and Remote processing

ContentAgent v3.5 introduces support for NexGuard Civolution forensic watermarking. Invisible Watermarking is an important tool in tracking where media files originate in the fight against media piracy.

What is a forensic watermark?

Forensic watermarking is a process by which a unique, invisible serial number can be added to video content. The watermark is designed to remain with the content, regardless of how it might be transcoded, resized, downscaled or otherwise altered for distribution.

With this option ContentAgent can add a watermark to a number of formats as part of an automated transcoding workflow.

Format support includes:

  • Avid DNxHD MOV and DNxHD MXF
  • Avid Op-atom MXF
  • Apple ProRes MOV
  • MPEG2 LongGop MXF
  • AVC-Intra MXF
  • AVI
  • WMV
  • MPEG
  • DPX
  • DV
  • XAVC

Workflow Orchestration

Use the flow-style graphical interface (within the ContentAgent UI) to design and create a watermarking workflow.

  • Create a unique workflow to automate a series of tasks/actions.
  • Use Decision Nodes to ask questions about source clips (such as video/audio/user based metadata) and make automatic decisions on which path to take through a workflow.
  • A job can be triggered using a Watchfolder, the ContentAgent user interface or using a third party product (such as an Asset Management System, using the ContentAgent SDK to kick off the task.)

ContentAgent communicates with the NexGuard Manager to enable a watermark workflow.

  • Simply drag the NexGuard Civolution node into the ContentAgent workflow designer
  • Open the node and select the watermark you want to embed into a video clip. The Civolution template list allows the selection of “Customer”, “Recipient” and “Title” metadata from the NexGuard Manager database.
  • Connect the Nexguard node to a transcoding node, then select an output node (such as am UNC path) . The workflow is then ready to use.

Avid Civolution Workflow

ContentAgent’s popular, automated, and scalable camera card and file ingest (and export) workflows sit seamlessly at the heart of any Avid ecosystem. Whether ingesting content into a single Avid Media Composer system or a multi-Interplay PAM enterprise environment, ContentAgent’s powerful and flexible toolset is guaranteed to save time, money, and resources. The intuitive CardAgent user interface allows multiple non-technical operators to submit media for parallel processing, leaving editors and creatives free to do what they do best.

Transcode single clips or camera cards into Avid Op-atom MXF files in a standalone/shared storage non-Interplay or Interplay PAM environment with a Civolution watermark.

Key Avid workflow Feature Set

  • Flexible Workflow Designer allows creation of completely customised, multi-resolution ingest workflows.
  • Creation of Avid compliant Op-Atom XDCAM HD, H.264, AVC-I, DNxHD, DV, DVCPRO, DVCPROHD, JFIF, IMX, XAVC with a Civolution watermark
  • Perform motion compensated frame rate conversion while transcoding to Avid files
  • Transcode in parallel directly to Avid or third party shared storage.
  • Automatically back up and verify (via MD5 checksum) source media.
  • Handle a wide range of camera card formats and metadata, alongside individual files.
  • Automatically stitch clips together, add locators, create Avid sequences, and add custom Avid metadata to files for unparalleled interoperability.
  • Scalable render farm architecture allows parallel processing to meet demand.
  • Source-agnostic image scaling and frame rate conversion allows consistent output, whatever the source format.
  • Easy-to-use CardAgent interface allows several non-technical operators to view, select, trim, log and manage clips before easily submitting to a custom workflow.
  • Deep integration with Avid Interplay allows automatic check-in to multiple locations, growing file editing, creation of Interplay folders, and much more.
  • Automatically create and update Avid database files in a non-Interplay environment for instantly accessible media

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