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Advanced Frame Rate Conversion

Advanced Frame Rate Conversion2017-05-20T13:03:41+00:00

Advanced Frame-Rate Conversion

Workflow Goal:

Create automated high quality standards conversion

This workflow will allow you to:

  • Use a watchfolder to automate the workflow
  • Use the Workflow Designer to construct a workflow which can use Decision Nodes to only perform a frame rate conversion when required
  • Transcode and in parallel perform motion compensated frame rate conversion
  • Conversions are processed using phase correlation and other motion estimation data to produce the best quality available today
  • The Frame rate converter also performs high quality up / down conversion to go from SD to HD to even 4K if desired
  • Faster than real-time performance using Multi-core CPU and NVIDIA TESLA graphics cards

ContentAgent’s advanced frame rate conversion option is the result of third party integration with Tachyon®, the highly acclaimed image processing and conversion software from Cinnafilm®. The advanced frame rate conversion option enables ContentAgent to become a replacement for expensive legacy hardware-based workflows that contain costly trips to/from baseband for standards and format conversions.