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Adobe / Apple Ingest

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Adobe / Apple Ingest

Workflow goal

Automate the ingest of ProRes clips into Apple FCP / Adobe Premiere Pro editorial

In any end-to-end tapeless post-production workflow, one of the longest and most time-consuming processes is ingesting card and clip based media.

ContentAgent can help automate the ingest of camera cards (and single clips) into an FCP or Premiere Pro editing environment with support for a range of professional and consumer card formats, such as P2, XDCAM, AVCHD, DSLR, GoPro and more. Using ContentAgent’s powerful workflow engine, fully automated card ingest workflows are being successfully deployed in intensive production and post-production environments.

With this workflow you can:

  • Transcode incoming media into a common editorial format, in this case ProRes MOV.
  • In parallel to the hi resolution clips being created, transcode to a low resolution copy for use as a viewing copy
  • Trim Clips to allow only the most relevant material to be ingested
  • Create a single clip from a camera card, useful in fast turnaround environments such as News and Sports
  • Automate folder creation on the fly and copy the MOV clips into them – based on metadata – such as the date of the original camera cards – to help provide simple media management of ingested camera cards