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Automated file-based workflow management

In a world characterised by the proliferation of digital file types, formats and standards, ContentAgent provides a central hub from which to manage and automate all aspects of file-based workflow from ingest to delivery. Powerful resolution independent transcoding ensures that the files you have are easily transformed into the files you need to work on, and the subsequent deliverables.

ContentAgent Brochure

ContentAgent Brochure

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Configuration Guide

Configuration Guide v2

Configuration Guide

Avid Workflow Guide

Avid Workflow Video

Key Features

  • Create workflows with intuitive GUI
  • Resolution independent transcoding, image processing and QC
  • Automated camera card based ingest including Avid Interplay workflows
  • CardAgent. Simplified Interface for multi-user ingest-intensive operations
  • Advanced frame rate conversion with Cinnafilm Tachyon
  • Automated DVD creation for viewing copies
  • Automated broadcast deliverables including AS-11 UK DPP workflow with Insert Edit and file-based QC
  • Third party integration with leading technologies: Avid | Interra | Tektronix | Vidcheck | Minnetonka
  • Enterprise Scaling
  • Local and Remote processing
  • Rich API integration
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