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HPA Tech Retreat UK 2016

///HPA Tech Retreat UK 2016

HPA Tech Retreat UK 2016

HPA-featured_ImageROOT6 Technology will be showcasing ground-breaking workflows within our ContentAgent product at HPA Tech Retreat UK 2016, including distributed, automated camera card processing, allowing many operators to ingest camera card material many times faster than real time, and resolution-independent delivery workflows, including AS-11 UK DPP delivery workflows with file-based insert edit.

ContentAgent and its scalable architecture allows facilities to design completely custom ingest workflows for processing card and file-based material, in preparation for editorial. Processing work can be intelligently distributed across many machines, allowing content to be ingested many times faster than real time, and automatic content assembly removes the need for time consuming content preparation work typically performed by edit assistants. Combined with industry leading Nexguard Civolution Forensic Watermarking technology, content can automatically traced from the moment it leaves the camera. CardAgent, an easy-to-use interface for browsing, logging, and viewing card and file based media, complements the workflow and can be deployed to multiple users, allowing even non-technical users to realise the benefits of automated, scalable ingest.

A resolution-independent processing pipeline allows for seamless processing as part of any delivery workflow. Automated creation and delivery of AMWA certified AS-11 UK DPP deliverables is complemented with file-based insert edit technology and instant file-metadata update, allowing for last minute changes. UHD, 4K, and larger deliverables in a range of formats can be easily created, and combined with GPU-accelerated Cinnafilm Tachyon and Dark Energy technology, content can be upscaled and frame-rate converted for deliverables of any frame rate or size with the utmost quality.

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