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ContentAgent’s exciting new highlights in v3.7

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ContentAgent’s exciting new highlights in v3.7

The latest update of ContentAgent, our powerful file based workflow management and orchestration system, allows further interoperability with Avid ecosystems.

Highlights of v3.7’s new features include…

Enhanced automation of deliverables from Avid Media Composer with a new ‘Send to ContentAgent’ feature, built directly into the Export Tool. The user can select a sequence (or clip), add custom metadata and kick off a ContentAgent automated workflow direct from within the Media Composer user interface (without having to first export into in a different wrapper or format).

Automation of delivery workflow from Interplay PAM. ContentAgent can now detect clips or sequences dropped into an Interplay folder and initiate an automated workflow.

Media Composer and Interplay PAM workflows. ContentAgent can now read native Avid media files direct from shared storage, saving time by not having to perform intermediate file re-wrapping or transcoding.

Off the shelf NVIDIA GPUs can now be used by ContentAgent’s RED camera card processing to perform accelerated debayering of R3D files. This provides an attractive lower cost alternative to using a RED Rocket card for processing.

Reading and writing 16-bit DPX sequences is now supported for mastering. The ability to also write and read 16-bit Open EXR files has also been added to ContentAgent, allowing users to create high quality mezzanine formats.

Cloud Storage delivery. Users can now upload files to Amazon S3 as part of an automated workflow.


ContentAgent v3.7 will be available from the end of January. Existing customers will be able to download the update from our Customer Area.


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