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ContentAgent v3.6 Highlights

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ContentAgent v3.6 Highlights

CA v3.6ContentAgent v3.6 includes a number of new and enhanced features and workflows. Below are some key highlights:

Key New Features

  • Broadcast Delivery node for creating AMWA AS-10 and ARD_ZDF files
  • Ancillary Data Pass through to Avid Op-atom files
  • Enhanced LUT support
  • CardAgent- Ability to override the media path and destination folder in a workflow
  • Avid DNxHR format support
  • Workflow Node priorities
  • Growing MXF file transcoding
  • Watchfolder Playlist
  • New Web Monitoring Interface
  • New camera card format support – Panasonic GH4, ARRI Alexa and Amira

Highlights Include:

European Broadcast Delivery Node

Create AMWA AS-10 (HD_High_2014 shim) for the French broadcast market or ARD_ZDF files for the German broadcast market. European Broadcast Delivery node will perform transcoding and wrapping. AMWA AS-10, is based on the XDCAM RDD9 op1a MXF format. Node will produce a 1080 50i clip with 8 audio tracks. Production metadata can be added if desired by adding the AS-10 core metadata schema. ARD_ZDF, is based on AVC-Intra RP2027 and XDCAM HD op1a MXF formats, three choices are available AVC-I 1080 50i, AVC-I 720 50p or XDCAM 50i with 8 or 16 audio tracks.

Ancillary data Pass Through for Avid media files

If a source file contains ANC data (such as closed captioning) it will be written into Avid Op-atom files as part of a Platinum transcode node (or a rewrap). It will appear as a data track in Avid Media Composer. To enable “pass through” select the button in an Avid Platinum node or in the Avid MXF Wrapper node. Workflow Example – AS-02 J2K source packages can be rewrapped with closed captions data as part of an Avid ingest workflow.

Enhanced LUT support

A brand new LUT processing engine replaces the existing engine. The new engine features many processing enhancements. These include support for higher bit depth processing, performance enhancements, and the popular .CUBE format.

 CardAgent – Media path and destination picker

You can now add metadata substitutions (in certain workflow nodes) to allow the path to a Avid media files folder and Interplay folder to be set within the CardAgent user interface for example. This is a very useful feature for adjusting folder paths without the operator having to adjust a workflow in the ContentAgent user interface.

 Node Priority

In the Workflow Designer you can now set a priority for individual nodes in a workflow so that they can be processed in a specific order.

 Growing File Support

A new type of watch folder is now available which enables ContentAgent to start a transcode (or rewrap) process while an op1a MXF file is still being copied into the watch folder. This process allows files to be transcoded faster than previously possible whereby a file had to be fully copied into a watch folder before a workflow would begin.

 Watchfolder Playlist

The Watchfoler Playlist enables the creation of a custom card structure from loose files to use in Card watchfolders.  The primary use of this feature is to allow stitching of loose files via watchfolder submission to create a card structure with metadata. You can also create custom clip order / sorting of card items and definition of trim points.

 New Web Monitoring Tool

An updated new web monitoring tool is available with the release of v3.6. The user interface has been updated to provide a dashboard view. New features include the ability for jobs to be reprioritised if desired.

v3.6 is available to download now from the Customer Area

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