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Catch ContentAgent at NAB 2017

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Catch ContentAgent at NAB 2017

ContentAgent will be shown with important new features at NAB 2017. Following accreditation as a partner in the Avid Alliance programme, further interoperability with Avid ecosystems is now achieved in the latest v3.7 software.

Improving productivity by automating common tasks such as camera card ingest frees up editing resources to focus more on storytelling, saving time and money. CardAgent, the desktop application designed for non-technical staff to submit media is now enhanced with custom metadata entry (alongside the existing camera card metadata extraction). Users can also select the path to ISIS/NEXIS workspaces and Interplay folders in the user interface, without the need to reconfigure the workflow. The range of supported camera formats has been expanded to include ARRI Alexa and Amira.

Automating deliverables from Avid Media Composer is enhanced with a new “Send to ContentAgent” feature directly built into the Export Tool. The user can select a clip or sequence, add custom metadata, select a ContentAgent workflow and kick off an automated workflow direct from within the Media Composer user interface (without having to do an export first into in a different wrapper or format).

Automating a delivery workflow from Interplay PAM is now also possible. Clips or sequences can be dropped into an Interplay folder, ContentAgent will detect the new items and initiated an automated workflow.  For both Interplay and Media Composer workflows ContentAgent will read the Avid media files natively, direct from shared storage saving valuable time not having to perform unnecessary intermediary file re-wrapping or transcoding.

ContentAgent’s RED camera card processing can now use a standard off the shelf NVIDIA GPU to perform accelerated debayering of R3D files. This provides an attractive lower cost alternative to using a RED Rocket card for processing.

A number of other important new features are also included in the latest software including an updated European Delivery Node to automate the transcoding of broadcast deliverables for French (AS-10) and German (ARD_ZDF) users.

An all-new LUT processing engine includes higher bit depth processing and support for the popular .CUBE format.

Growing file support saves time by starting the transcoding or re-wrapping of op1a MXF files while they are still being copied into a watch folder.

A new web monitoring tool is included with provide a dashboard overview of the job queue. Features include the ability for jobs to be reprioritised at will.

“The new software debuting at NAB 2017 keeps ContentAgent ahead of the pack,” says ROOT6 Technology’s Head of Product Management, Owen Walker. “By striving to reduce bottlenecks in ever more complex workflows, our mission is to save users’ time and resources.  The response from the market has been extremely positive and we look forward to demonstrating ContentAgent’s latest tools to new and existing customers.”

Catch us at NAB 2017 on Stand SL4529. We’ll also be showcasing ContentAgent at Avid Connect in Vegas the weekend before NAB. Contact to book an appointment, and register for your free exhibit-only guest pass using code LV9925.

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