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ContentAgent: Efficient, reliable, scalable and customisable

Too much footage to edit? Struggling with conflicting delivery demands? ContentAgent is here to ease your workflow woes.

The combination of shrinking budgets, rising shooting ratios and mutiple deliverables means that anyone who works with video – from production and post houses, broadcasters to ad agencies and marketing teams – is feeling the pressure to process media more efficiently.

ContentAgent, the automated workflow management tool from ROOT6 Technology, is designed to ensure you can automate ingest media from many different formats and create proxy and full resolution media for your editing platform of choice. Once the editing process is completed ContentAgent can create whichever delivery specifications your clients require – all within a single, user-friendly system designed to help non-technical staff through the process.

ContentAgent is:

Who do we work with?

Ultimately, ContentAgent is designed to take processes that your creative workstations don’t do efficiently – ingest, transcode, conversion – and offload them onto a system optimised for those things, so you’re not wasting hardware (and highly skilled staff) on processes that are better off automated.

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