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DVD Viewing Copies

ContentAgent has a number of DVD authoring tools which allow you to automate the creation of viewing copies. ContentAgent can author multiple, individually watermarked DVD ISO files, complete with menus and metadata generated slates, right through to DVD publishing.

Without leaving the user interface, you can take a project from source file to multiple, colour printed, DVD discs, with unique barcodes if required. And, by making use of ContentAgent’s workflows and watch folders, that whole process can easily be saved and repeated with no more effort than a simple drag-and-drop.

Key Features Include

  • Create chapter markers
  • Transcode to MPEG 2/Dolby Digital/PCM
  • Add DVD menus
  • Author disc
  • Use metadata to create disc labels

DVD authoring tool

To make the most of ContentAgent’s automation capabilities we’ve partnered with leading disc publishing solution provider, Rimage, to offer seamless integration with its powerful range of publishers. Rimage multi-disc burner integration is built directly into ContentAgent’s DVD authoring tool. From here you can access the Rimage Disc Designer, set up label metadata mapping and specify the number of required copies. These settings are saved along with your menu design and slate settings as a single DVD authoring template which you later add directly to a job workflow.

Rimage Disc Designer

Use the Rimage Disc Designer to create bespoke label designs. An extensive set of text and graphics tools make it easy to unleash your creativity and an integrated barcode generator caters for those seeking to publish uniquely traceable DVDs.

Label Editor

ContentAgent can make extensive use of metadata for slates and watermarking – and DVD labels are no exception. The DVD Label Editor lets you map any metadata field to text in the label’s design (For example replacing the text “title” with the actual project’s title) making it possible to dynamically generate multiple, clip relevant labels from a single disc label design.

Automated workflow

Saved DVD authoring templates can be added directly to a job workflow which are then authored  with menus and slates, and sent to a Rimage publisher for output to uniquely bar-coded DVDs. Workflows can also be attached to watchfolders and automatically triggered whenever a new file is added.