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Broadcast Deliverables

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Broadcast Deliverables

Workflow Goal:

Automate the creation, validation, quality control and delivery of AS-11 UK DPP assets with accompanying metadata.

Flexible job submission allows users to construct, implement and access deliverables workflows in a manner that makes sense for their environment. Unlike traditional broadcast deliverables workflows and products, with antiquated linear submission forms and complex control panels, ContentAgent features wide-ranging watchfolder networks and automatic XML metadata merging.  A fully-featured and rich API, deployable remote client interfaces, and slick one-click submission interfaces directly within ContentAgent, provides multiple users with a multitude of ways to submit media files and associated metadata for processing.

New DPP Workflow

AMWA certified AS-11 UK DPP files are automatically created by ContentAgent’s DPP node. Control is limited to the acceptable variations in the specification, whether SD or HD, ensuring that your deliverables meet broadcaster requirements time after time.

Create numerous proxies, archive, and other copies in parallel with ContentAgent’s scalable processing architecture. Make your workflow work for you by triggering any number of automated uploads, emails and archive steps, saving operator time and reducing human error.

Direct integration with leading automated QC products such as VidCheck Vidchecker, Tektronix Cerify and Interra Baton allows users to automatically trigger and manage custom testing plans and, using the powerful decision node feature, validate and interpret their results. This deep integration turns traditionally separated and operator-driven steps into one seamless automated process.

The visual quality control and playback engine allows both desktop, SDI and HDMI monitoring of deliverables for a wide range of codecs and file types. Combined with AMWA certified playback of AS-11 UK DPP files and the ability to review and approve existing metadata, ContentAgent becomes a powerful human verification facility.

Fast turnaround features such as unique Insert Edit capability and instant metadata update enable fast turn-around fixes and alterations to finished assets without the need for time consuming rewraps or transcoding. Drop in frame accurate fixes to video or audio essence in seconds, just like working with tape, or instantly alter descriptive metadata within the same file.

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