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Automated Quality Control

Workflow Goal:

Automate the quality control, validation and organisation of incoming media assets

  • Automate industry leading automatic quality control products such as VidCheck VidChecker, Interra Baton and Tektronix Cerify with deep and powerful integrations. Trigger custom test plans, receive back rich testing metadata and report documentation, and facilitate essence correction as part of a highly configurable workflow.
  • Validate and branch workflows based on results using ContentAgent’s easy-to-use and customisable decision node feature. Validate whether assets have passed a testing plan, what codec or frame size they contain, loudness compliance, checksums, and hundreds of other properties, all as part of a fully automated process.
  • Notify and record results automatically with the custom metadata substitution feature. Automatically send emails to addresses constructed from metadata, enabling clients, technical staff, and other services to receive testing data with no additional input. Populate emails with other metadata tags, such as unique asset IDs and essence metadata, and format with your company’s branding in a fully customisable layout.
  • Store, file and archive assets automatically based on metadata. Dynamically create and assign folders and fully or partly rename assets based on file and test metadata, removing human error and freeing up operators for other tasks. The on-the-fly ability to create and format entirely custom XMLs or text files from test and asset metadata adds a unique layer of control when recording metadata for archival purposes, or when using the data to trigger third party products.

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