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ContentAgent Workflow Orchestration

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Workflow Orchestration

Build your own workflows to automate a series of tasks using the intuitive graphical workflow designer. Build intelligence into the workflow via Decision nodes.

Key Features

  • Use flow-style graphical interface to design and create a workflow
  • Create unique workflows to automate a series of tasks/actions for your own workflow requirements
  • 40+ Workflow tasks “nodes” from ingest to export
  • Use Decision Nodes to ask questions about source clips (such as video/audio/user based metadata) and make automatic decisions on which path to take through a workflow
  • Workflows can triggered using watchfolders, within the ContentAgent user interface or using a third party product (such as an Asset Management System) through the ContentAgent SDK

Example “nodes” include:

  • Platinum Transcode
  • Avid Interplay
  • Baton QC
  • MXF Wrapping
  • MPEG Multiplexing
  • FTP Node
  • XML Transformer
  • Network Copier
  • Metadata Injection
  • Email

Workflow Examples