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ContentAgent User Interface

//ContentAgent User Interface
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User Interface

ContentAgent’s elegant and intuitive user interface echoes working practices and provides all the tools you need to create and automate workflows from acquisition to deliverables in a secure, reliable and repeatable manner.

Integration with ‘best of breed’ third party technologies facilitates such powerful features as automated file-based QC, disc publishing and advanced frame rate conversion.

Workflow and Clip Management

ContentAgent Store

ContentAgent uses a powerful database which allows non-technical operators to import, playback, view, add (or) update metadata and run workflows. Virtual folders can be used to manage and track media files during a workflow.

  • Create Virtual Folder structures
  • Search tool
  • Metadata entry & tracking tools
  • Template, workflow and media storage
  • User administration tools
  • Create custom metadata schemas
  • Design custom XMLs for export via the XML Transformer Tool

Build your workflows

Workflow 2 XDCAM

ContentAgent’s intuitive interface allows users to construct an automated workflow via the Workflow Designer tool. A series of tasks can be connected together in a “flow chart” style interface. Multiple tasks can be constructed as part of an overall workflow to allow for parallel processing.  Decisions can be added to a workflow to allow automatic actions to be made without human intervention. For example is the source clips 25fps, if not then run a frame rate conversion task automatically.



Use the built in video/audio player to playback any media file within the ContentAgent user interface. For visual QC, clips can be played out through an SDI/HDMI card.

  • View clips
  • Transport controls
    • Frame by Frame control via keyboard
  • Timecode display
  • Multi-channel audio monitoring
  • Add chapter / location markers
  • Adjust gamma level
  • Trim Clips

DVD/Blu-ray Disc Publishing

Disc Author

ContentAgent can author multiple, individually watermarked DVD ISO files, complete with menus and meta-data generated slates and DVD publishing for viewing copies is easily achieved. Without leaving the ContentAgent interface, you can take a project from source file to multiple, colour printed, DVD discs, with unique barcodes if required. And, naturally, by making use of ContentAgent’s workflows and watch folders, that whole process can easily be saved and later triggered with no more effort than a simple drag-and-drop. Simplicity itself.

  • Menu integration including chapters and titles
  • Rimage integration for Enterprise burning
  • Automated managed authoring and label print
  • Authoring templates
  • Automate playlists based on metadata