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ContentAgent Format Support

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Format Support

ContentAgent embodies a powerful, integrated transcoding engine built from the ground up to meet the demands of broadcast, film, web and post production in an ever increasing file based world. Resolution independent, the engine can process files from SD to HD to 4K and beyond.

Key features

  • High-quality, multi-format encoding and faster-than-real-time parallel transcoding
  • Simultaneous output to multiple formats, resolutions, frame rates and bit rates from same source
  • RGB and YUV 8,10,16 bit processing
  • Automatic field order detection
  • Image processing tools for de-interlacing, cropping, padding, frame rate conversion, 3:2 pulldown, reverse telecine, grey scale, rotation etc
  • Simple and Advanced motion compensated frame rate conversion
  • Metadata, logo and timecode burn-ins
  • Workflow Designer provides graphical representation of all transcoding processes
  • Accelerate RED R3D de-bayer processing using an NVIDIA GPU orĀ  Rocket card

Motion Estimation

Advanced Image processing tasks such a motion compensated frame rate conversion are also available – Find Out More