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ContentAgent Card Support

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Card Support

Automated ingest of camera card-originated media has important advantages for editorial, and using ContentAgent for the task frees up both equipment and manpower.

The following Camera Card formats are supported:

Key Features:

  • Transcode or rewrap camera card structures
  • Automate camera card backup
  • Automate proxy / viewing copies creation
  • Automated card clip stitching
  • Automate Avid ingest of camera card structures
  • Avid relink workflow to provide online/offline editing
  • P2
  • Sony XDCAM
  • Sony XDCAM EX
  • Sony XAVC
  • Canon XF
  • Canon EOS (C series 100,200,300,500)
  • Canon DSLR
  • JVC
  • GoPro
  • RED

  • Panasonic GH4

Camera Card 1Camera-Card-2


  • Import tab “camera card importer” automatically searches for card structures (including sub folders)
  • Either link to card structure or import structure into a ContenAgent media folder
  • A Check Sum can be selected which will check all files within a card structure for data integrity
  • Using the Import Tab, ContentAgent can search across drives, folder trees and UNC paths (including sub directories) to locate camera cards and display them for the operator. ContentAgent has been taught to automatically recognise camera media folder structures.
  • Once a card is imported it is shown in the ContentAgent Store Tab as single entity


  • User can play full resolution clip (or proxy clips from the camera structure)
  • Log clips; mark only the section you wish to use later (during transcoding)
  • View clip or card metadata
  • Highlight individual clips to process through a workflow

Processing a Card Manually

  • Import card into Store tab
  • Select card then select New job
  • All clips on card will be processed
  • Open card, select individual clips, use extract to Store to process certain clips only

 Processing a Card via Automation

  • Drop multiple cards into watch folder
  • ContentAgent will scan tree structure, Including folders within folders and begin processing the card/clips

 Automated Card Clip Stitching

  • Card clips can be automatically cut together into a new single clip during transcode process
  • Select “Join clips when transcoding Reels” in Platinum transcoding to enable this
  • This feature frees up time spent in the edit suite, in manual workflows users