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Automated QC

Automated QC2017-05-20T13:03:41+00:00

Automated Quality Control

ContentAgent provides a number of automated file quality control checks:

  • Within ContentAgent a workflow can be constructed which allows any video, audio or custom metadata field to be checked. Decision Nodes can be added which will automatically decide the best route through a workflow for a file based on asking a number of questions. Such as What is the frame rate,  or how many audio tracks does this file contain etc
  • For users looking for more in depth analysis of video / audio files for such items such as PSE, R128 Loudness checks and colour levels, ContenAgent  integrates with all four major proponents of file-based QC products so users are free to choose the most appropriate solution for your specific workflows.

Using ContentAgent’s Workflow Designer tool, the selected QC application is dropped into the relevant workflow where it sits as a node ready to receive material for checking. Depending on the chosen application, files may be passed, quarantined for human intervention or auto-corrected, if possible ContentAgent can generate mail notifications that particular files need attention, while passed files proceed to the next stage in the workflow. Where simultaneous file processing is a requirement, throughput may be substantially increased with the addition of Job Agents – ‘off the shelf’ render nodes.