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Advanced Frame-Rate Conversion

//Advanced Frame-Rate Conversion
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Advanced Frame-rate Conversion

ContentAgent’s advanced frame rate conversion option is the result of third party integration with Tachyon®, the highly acclaimed image processing and conversion software from Cinnafilm®. The advanced frame rate conversion option enables ContentAgent to become a replacement for expensive legacy hardware-based workflows that contain costly trips to/from baseband for standards and format conversions.

Created from the ground up for file-based workflows and utilising powerful CPU and GPU processing, this new tool facilitates not only the traditional PAL/NTSC conversions but expands across all frame rates, deals with field order/progressive/cadence issues and scales across resolutions to 4K. Conversions are all performed accurately using phase correlation and other motion estimation data. Designed for intensive broadcast and post-production environments, the new standards converter is designed to bridge what is currently a significant drawback to end-to-end automated file based operation. The converter is highly optimised for NVIDIA’s Tesla series of graphics cards and utilises the teraflops of processing power available in each Tesla GPU.

Motion Estimation

Key Features:

  • Highest quality frame rate conversion to and from all standard frame rates, resolutions and aspect ratios, interlaced and progressive.
  • Automatic 3:2 pulldown/telecine removal with advanced cadence correction.
  • Highest quality motion-compensated de-interlacing to preserve maximum detail.
  • Resolution conversion to and from any resolution up to 4K.
  • Insertion of common pulldown patterns and frame repeat to preserve film motion when targeting high progressive frame rates.