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DNxHR Format Support

One of the key ContentAgent v3.6 features is the ability to transcode to Avid’s DNxHR format as MXF files. Available as a paid for option, DNxHR enables you to create higher-than-HD resolutions including 2K, UHD and 4K clips ready for editing in a standalone or shared storage/Interplay environment. DNxHR comes in five different flavours: Name [...]

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WAN Acceleration

Introduction If you are involved with transferring large media files across a wide area network, you will no doubt be aware of the various devices designed to accelerate, secure, and otherwise improve this process. These devices, from manufacturers such as Aspera or FileCatalyst, allow users to send large files across large distances at rates many [...]

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Card Based Ingest with ContentAgent

In any end-to-end tapeless post-production workflow, one of the longest and most time-consuming processes is ingesting card-based media. Rows of Logging Assistants sit at banks of workstations, manually importing hundreds of hours of rushes to editing systems, transcoding to online and offline editing formats, and checking vital information such as the card name is recorded [...]

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Getting To Grips with DPP Deliverables

Turn challenges into opportunities As the nation’s major broadcasters start their switchover to file-based programmme delivery on the 1st October 2014, content producers around the UK are scrambling to battle stations in order to meet the challenges presented by the DPP delivery requirements based around AMWA AS-11 standard. Such a rigid specification may seem a [...]

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H.264 for Dummies – and why is it so popular?

Everyone’s ranting and raving about H.264 and other high-fidelity, low bit-rate compression formats. Already the weapon of choice for many deliverables around the world, especially internet streaming sources such as YouTube and Vimeo, what is it about this codec which makes it so clever? […]

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Advanced Metadata Handling with ContentAgent

Those of you based around the post production hub of London may have noticed the closure of Soho stalwart, Stanley’s Productions recently. Stanley’s had been supplying tape and discs, as well as duplication and conversion services to the TV and Film industries since 1975, but the changing market place and nature of the modern day [...]

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ContentAgent – Advanced frame rate conversion option

Features The Advanced Frame Rate Converter feature set is built around a powerful phase correlation motion estimation engine called PixelStrings™.  PixelStrings performs analysis on each frame, mapping the velocity and direction of each individual pixel.  It then uses that motion information to predict (or synthesize) new frames at any point in time.  The result is [...]

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