Automated file based Quality Control

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Automated file based Quality Control

VidChecklogoWhile File based delivery is becoming the defacto in post production and broadcast. Many companies are under financial pressure to reduce costs as program and equipment budgets are squeezed, yet at the same time need to be more efficient in their program mastering, delivery and distribution.

ContentAgent, the file-based workflow management tool from ROOT6 Technology, offers a number of tools for automating transcoding tasks and now offers VidChecker integration to facilitate automated file-based QC and automated file correction in workflows designed for broadcast and web deliverables.

VidChecker integration with ContentAgent further extends the versatility of the system in the end-to-end automation of file-based workflow. This scalable and affordable third party application provides broadcasters, post houses and programme distributors with a convenient, easy to use and scalable solution to use for automated Quality Control and the cost savings associated with automated correction.

Using ContentAgent’s intuitive Workflow Designer tool, VidChecker can be dropped into an appropriate workflow where it sits as a node waiting to receive any material that needs QC. When designated files arrive they can be checked for a number of audio and video parameters in addition to specifications and characteristics, ensuring the materials meet defined broadcast quality and standards.

Once VidChecker has analysed a clip, it hands back to ContentAgent a report of its findings as metatdata, if the file has passed the checks performed Content Agent can then either continue the workflow such as uploading to an ftp site or copying the file to a UNC path for delivery. If the clip has failed to pass the checks performed ContentAgent can move the file to a Fail folder and send an email altering the operator that an issue has been found.

Vidchecker can process up to 4 four files simultaneously with a single licence. The product is also scalable to allow a number of VidChecker nodes (licences) to intelligently process across multiple workstations in a networked environment.

However Vidchecker can also automate correction for certain errors found in a file.  The software intelligently corrects over limit Video Levels such as:-

  • Video Luma level – including black levels
  • Video Chroma – color limit errors
  • Video RGB – gamut/legality problems

The system can also check and fix audio loudness issues and peak levels, now a legal requirement in an increasing number of countries. Multiple audio tracks, each with up to eight channels, can be checked in just one pass, and audio levels checked and automatically corrected to ITU-R 1770, ATSC A/85 and EBU R-128 audio loudness recommendations including Tech 3341 windowing and gating modes.

In a typical integrated workflow if an error is detected and a fix can be performed on the file, Vidchecker will encode a new version of the file as an uncompressed AVI file. This file is then placed automatically in a WatchFolder, ContentAgent then picks up the new file and encodes the file to whatever format the user has specified.

In Summary ContentAgent and Vidchecker work together to  provide a complete end to end automated transcoding and file based quality control workflow.

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