ContentAgent’s exciting new highlights in v3.7

The latest update of ContentAgent, our powerful file based workflow management and orchestration system, allows further interoperability with Avid ecosystems. Highlights of v3.7’s new features include… Enhanced automation of deliverables from Avid Media Composer with a new 'Send to ContentAgent' feature, built directly into the Export Tool. The user can select a sequence (or clip), add custom metadata [...]

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Catch ContentAgent at IBC 2017

Join us at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam where we’ll be showing off ContentAgent’s latest features on stand 7.E21. Learn how to streamline ingest and delivery tasks by talking to our experts about automating your workflows. Key new features we will be demoing include the ability to initiate a delivery from Media Composer with a new 'Send [...]

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Video: Check out how you can streamline common ingest and delivery tasks with ContentAgent

Do you find yourself having to manually ingest hundreds of files a week? Is your workflow getting bogged down by managing lots of different formats and codecs? Look no further than ContentAgent, which takes the tedium out of everyday ingest and delivery tasks. Find out how it can help streamline your workflow in the video below... [...]

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Automating Avid ingest workflows

ContentAgent’s popular, automated, and scalable camera card and file ingest workflows are essential to any Avid ecosystem. Whether ingesting content into a single Avid Media Composer system or into Interplay PAM (production asset management) enterprise environment, ContentAgent’s powerful and flexible toolset is guaranteed to save time, money and resources. The simple and intuitive CardAgent user [...]

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Catch ContentAgent at NAB 2017

ContentAgent will be shown with important new features at NAB 2017. Following accreditation as a partner in the Avid Alliance programme, further interoperability with Avid ecosystems is now achieved in the latest v3.7 software. Improving productivity by automating common tasks such as camera card ingest frees up editing resources to focus more on storytelling, saving [...]

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DNxHR Format Support

One of the key ContentAgent v3.6 features is the ability to transcode to Avid’s DNxHR format as MXF files. Available as a paid for option, DNxHR enables you to create higher-than-HD resolutions including 2K, UHD and 4K clips ready for editing in a standalone or shared storage/Interplay environment. DNxHR comes in five different flavours: Name [...]

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ContentAgent v3.6 Highlights

ContentAgent v3.6 includes a number of new and enhanced features and workflows. Below are some key highlights: Key New Features Broadcast Delivery node for creating AMWA AS-10 and ARD_ZDF files Ancillary Data Pass through to Avid Op-atom files Enhanced LUT support CardAgent- Ability to override the media path and destination folder in a workflow Avid [...]

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ContentAgent NexGuard Civolution Workflow Guide

Introduction ContentAgent is a file based workflow management software application. The product provides a central hub from which to manage and automate all aspects of file-based workflow from ingest to delivery. Powerful resolution independent transcoding ensures that the files you have are easily transformed into the files you need to work on, and the subsequent [...]

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Avid Technology Announce ContentAgent as a certified Alliance Connectivity Partner product

At ROOT6 Technology we are proud to announce that Avid Technology have certified ContentAgent as part of its Alliance Partnership program. Being a certified product gives customers the reassurance that Avid Technology and ROOT6 Technology have tested interoperability between ContentAgent and the Avid Media Central platform. ContentAgent v3.5 provides the automated ingest of camera cards [...]

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ContentAgent v3.5 Launched at BVE

BVE, London - 23rd-25th February 2016 Stand J15 Major software release delivers more features and wider third party integration for popular workflow management and automation platform BVE will see the launch of ContentAgent v3.5, a major software release for ROOT6 Technology’s file-based workflow management and automation platform. Globally installed, ContentAgent now benefits from a host of [...]

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