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ITV’s Production Facility Picks ContentAgent for Workflow Orchestration

CA at ITVAutomated frame rate conversion, file-based QC and AS-11 UK DPP deliverables streamline workflow and delivery.

3sixtymedia, ITV’s production facility at MediaCityUK has standardised on ROOT6 Technology’s ContentAgent file-based management and automation system for its expanded transcoding farm.  The facility now deploys two ContentAgents running on HP Z820 workstations with a further two JobAgents – affordable render nodes – utilising SuperMicro blade servers.

Following the completion of 3sixtymedia’s move to MediaCityUK by root6 at the end of 2013, the broadcaster’s production facility sought to increase the capacity of its transcode farm and workflow orchestration tools. It was at this point that Technical Manager Taig McNab became re-acquainted with ContentAgent, a system he’d previously worked with. “It was on the list of the kit we needed to look at to achieve a number of objectives,” McNab explains. “In addition to increasing transcoding throughput that would see us into the foreseeable future, we were keen to automate some of our standard processes either side of the edit. We’ve also been doing a great deal of work on creating an efficient  AS-11 UK DPP workflow for our broadcast deliverables. Overall we were looking for flexibility in the sense that future workflows could be integrated into our existing infrastructure with minimum fuss.” Continue reading


IBC2014IBC, Amsterdam, September 13 2014… It is announced today that ContentAgent, the workflow management and automation tool from ROOT6 Technology, has successfully met the criteria set out as part of the DPP’s Compliance Programme, and has achieved AMWA certification.

One of the first products to receive authentication, ContentAgent is already widely used to automate the creation, QC and delivery of AS-11 UK DPP files. At IBC, some important new enhancements to the workflow will be demonstrated including Metadata Update and Insert Edit where users will be able to make last minute changes without the time-consuming need to re-transcode or re-wrap the entire file. ContentAgent users can also benefit from the system’s integration with third party automated file-based QC, and visual QC via SDI/HDMI playback monitoring.

Commenting on the AMWA certification, Owen Walker, Head of Product Management at ROOT6 Technology remarked, “The DPP initiative is a particularly worthwhile cause and we are heartened that ContentAgent has been recognised by an independent external assessment. Our technology is all about reducing time and effort by automating commonly applied processes and the automated AS-11 UK DPP workflow is a great example.”

Kevin Burrows, DPP Technical Standards Lead and CTO Broadcast & Distribution Channel 4, said, “The Compliance Programme has had a very positive response from the industry and we are delighted to be announcing the first tranche of those products that have met the Compliance Programme’s exacting testing. Working with manufacturers to achieve certification has proved just how enthusiastically they have embraced the DPP’s industry standard.”

In addition to automated AS-11 UK DPP deliverables, a number of important new features for ContentAgent were unveiled including CardAgent, a tool designed for multi-user ingest intensive environments such as news or reality shows and enhanced Avid integration in both standalone and Interplay environments.

Motion compensated standards conversion, the result of ContentAgent’s integration with Tachyon from Cinnafilm and the deployment of GPU acceleration, will also be seen at the show. This technology was used widely by BBC Sport for its recent coverage of the FIFA World Cup. At the tournament BBC Sport converted over 3,500 separate clips totalling nearly 8 TB of media for use in editing. ContentAgent was also used to convert a further 37TB of media during the event so it could be added directly the BBC Sport Archive in Salford.

Other new features for ContentAgent include the provision of automated ProRes workflows and integration with Minnetonka AudioTools Server for Dolby E. A new Queuing Engine interface is also provided to streamline third party process monitoring.


ContentAgent builds on productivity benefits with significant new automation capabilities – including AS-11 DPP deliverables workflow for UK broadcasters.

NAB Las Vegas, April 7 2014…ROOT6 Technology shows ContentAgent, its file-based workflow management and automation tool, with the latest V3.3 software now shipping. V3.3 includes a number of powerful new fully automated processes to save time and streamline operation in the post-production and broadcast chain.
The automated ingest of camera card-originated media has important advantages for editorial. Using ContentAgent for the task frees up both equipment and manpower. The system now supports P2, XDCAM, XDCAM EX, XAVC, AVC-HD, JVC and Canon EOS and XF card structures from broadcast cameras and Go Pro is not forgotten. Media and metadata are ingested, then transcoded (or rewrapped for greater efficiency) and imported into the post production workflow, including archiving and proxy generation. Continue reading

New Appointment at ROOT6 Technology

Bill Baker

Bill Baker has joined ROOT6 Technology as a Junior Sales Engineer. Recently graduated with an Honours Degree in Physics from Southampton University, Baker served an internship with root6 in the summer of 2012.

Baker joins the product development arm of root6, recently re-sited in a new facility in Soho’s Berwick Street. His initial responsibilities will include communications with the international reseller network for ContentAgent, ROOT6 Technology’s file-based workflow automation and management tool.

AS-11 ready, ContentAgent automates DPP workflow at IBC

IBC Amsterdam, Sept 7 2012… Addressing long form broadcast programming, the last bastion of tape-based deliverables, ROOT6 Technology launches an AS-11 ready workstation solution to provide files, associated metadata and file-based QC in a fully automated workflow that meets emerging broadcast standards including those as defined by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) for UK broadcast deliverables.

Based on its file-based transcoding, management and distribution platform ContentAgent, the AS-11 specification is addressed with new software shown at IBC. A fully automated AS-11 workflow delivers AVC-Intra 100 (HD) and IMX 50 (SD) files with Op1A MXF wrapping and associated metadata.

Continue reading

IBC. Fully automated Avid workflow frees up editors for storytelling.

IBC Amsterdam, Sept 7 2012… ROOT6 Technology will demonstrate a new productivity tool for Avid editing environments that frees both editors and available kit from the time-consuming drudge of transcoding or re-wrapping available material into a common file format for editing, asset management and archiving. By offloading and automating these mundane but necessary tasks to ROOT6 Technology’s workflow management platform, ContentAgent, facilities are better placed to take advantage of the seamless interchange benefits afforded by MXF.

ContentAgent now supports a completely automated Avid workflow including the ability to transcode or re-wrap ingested clips into Avid compliant MXF files, and write these files directly to Avid Mediafiles folders in standalone or ISIS or Unity MediaManagement shared storage. Clips can then be browsed using the Avid Media Tool and placed into Bins for immediate viewing and editing, or checked automatically into an Avid Interplay media management database. In both cases, associated clip metadata may be added at the point of ingest. Supported formats include DNxHD, JFIF, AVC-Intra, IMX and XDCAM HD. Continue reading

High Quality file-based Standards Conversion shown at IBC

IBC Amsterdam, Sept 7 2012…ROOT6 Technology will show software-based high-quality Standards Conversion in a workflow driven by its file-based automation and management tool, ContentAgent.

Until now, high quality Standards Conversion has only been possible using expensive legacy hardware outside the file-based domain with subsequent workflow inefficiency, but the Standards Conversion shown by ROOT6 Technology at IBC keeps everything within an end-to-end file-based workflow, considerably streamlining operation. Continue reading

New Re-seller Appointed in Germany

Broadcast technology solutions provider VIDI, has been appointed as reseller for ContentAgent in Germany. Established for more than twenty five years, the Darmstadt-based company enjoys a reputation with national and international clients for innovative solutions and services. Continue reading

ROOT6 Technology adds new features to ContentAgent

NAB logoNAB, Las Vegas, April 14 2012…The latest v3.1 software for ContentAgent, the transcoding platform and workflow tool from ROOT6 Technology, will be shown at NAB. Managing files and associated metadata, ContentAgent is integrated with an increasing number of leading third-party applications to simplify and automate file-based workflow.

Features in v3.1 software include fully automated Avid workflow with Interplay integration, increased support for RED workflows with new colour management tools, Telestream Episode integration for ProRes editorial, and the addition of a third option for file-based automated QC with VidChecker.

The AMWA AS-11 new broadcast specification for delivery of completed content, based on the MXF format with AVC Intra for HD, is also handled in v3.1. The system can also insert the required metadata fields as defined by the standard.

ContentAgent v3.1 supports a completely automated Avid workflow including the ability to transcode clips into Avid compliant MXF files, (with technical and user defined metadata) and check these clips automatically directly into the Avid Interplay media management database. These files can then be opened by any Avid editing system connected to the database via ISIS or Unity MediaNetwork shared storage, providing the most efficient path to collaborative editing workflows. Continue reading